Kate Chovanetz

Kate, originally from Moscow, Russia, grew up in Missouri City, Texas (a suburb of Houston). She moved to New York in 2009 after graduating from UPenn to work in finance.  

Kate currently spends time working on her business and doing her other favorite things: traveling with Peter, trying new foods, doodling, and playing games. She loves going back to Texas to spend time on her parents' farm in Shiner (where the beer comes from!) and learning woodworking with Peter's parents in Comfort. 


peter crews

Peter grew up in the piney woods of East Texas. He moved to New York in 2011 after graduating from Rice and spending a year working in Houston. 

Peter spends his working hours analyzing real estate and energy investments for a family office. His free time is spent reading too much news, enjoying the golden age of television, and finding new food to feed Kate. 

how we met

Kate and Peter met for the first time at an Italian restaurant in the West Village during the summer of 2011 through a mutual friend, Kevin (one of the groomsmen).

After a year of being friends and exploring the city, Peter and Kate started dating in May 2012 and moved in together in May 2013. They got engaged at Hotel Emma around Thanksgiving in 2016.